Treasure Hunt

Last night was the first treasure hunt I’ve ever made in the hope of finding food of some kind. I dressed up warm, put my boots on and grabbed my empty bag before sneaking out in the middle of the night. It was really freezing so I was glad I didn’t forget my longjohns. The first nightbus I took, towards the city, was almost empty, the second one to the suburbs was not. I was kind of surprised that so many people were even up at that hour, 4 o’clock in the morning, on an early Monday morning, because everywhere else the streets were like completely deserted. Finding the dumpster was quite easy, it was just by the parking building. I think some people must have gotten there earlier before me cause there was a huge amount of trash around it. Even though I found some juice cartons, those small 2dl packages, within reach I dived in anyway, but there was too much other rubbish in the way to actually find anything else. On the other side of where I jumped in there were more and more juice cartons, just waiting to be grabbed. I filled up my bag but it wasn’t even a third of what was there. The expiration date had only been a few days ago, but the juice was, of course, still good. Awesome trash, in other words.



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