Dumpster Grrl on Duty Again

This night’s diving became more dirty than last week. Meaning that I in the end got some shit, or something that really looked like SHIT, on my fingers. Totally disgusting. Once again I should remind myself to get some gloves of some sort, luckily I had a bottle of water and a little towel with me to get the dirt off my hands.

They had put up a different kind of dumpster since last week, with pressure compressor, the scary kind where you have to dive into the darkness if you want to find more stuff than in that 1,1 meter space at the opening. I was satisfied by just sticking my head in there trying to reach for things. Maybe I could imagine myself going all the way in if I had a companion on the lookout and a better flashlight.

First I found a pack of cheese, they had probably dumped it because all the cheese slices were melted together (best before date was ok), even so I’m going to try it out since it’s a shame to let things go to waste. Other treasures:
~ funny looking potato peeler
~ tape measure
~ Dove body butter (someone had tested it)
~ Spider-Man band aids (one missing)
~ colouring pens
~ jumping ball
~ 4×170 g chocolate with puffed rice
~ snap-off blade knife

It makes me sad that even the toy store is throwing away stuff due to ”beauty flaws” of the packaging. It’s perfectly fine for giving to the salvation army for example. One thing I didn’t take was a Christmas ornament which only was flawed on the back of it, it was nice looking really but not for me (I don’t celebrate Christmas). What else? A tool I didn’t know what it was for, a broken walking stick and probably some more shit I can’t remember. I guess there were lots of other things waiting to be found further in, if only the dumpster hadn’t been so scary.



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