Best Journey Ever?

I haven’t written anything for a while due to travels and unfortunately also some lack of interest.


The last treasure hunt of the year 2008 was with a CouchSurfer of mine. It was absolutely amazing! What a rush! We found a lot of food, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without him. After all, he did carry that big sack of potatoes! 😉 Plus I enjoyed his company.

Down south I found new gloves lying in the street. It’s funny how I, once again found a matching pair the same day.

Also tried some dumpster diving before crashing at the beach, but with no success. Nice people offered me food though, so I guess I saved a little money on that.

Although I did spend a lot staying in two hostels (three nights), and also one hotel (ouch!), not to mention my plane tickets to get back home again…

But hey! Travelling 2000 km in five days while spending no more than five euro in total is not bad, not bad at all. Plus I had THE best time EVER. It was worth every cent I spent, even before and after those days.

One of the nights at a hostel I was supposed to pay 30 euro for the room, I even asked how much it was and the guy even said 30, but then when he came back and I handed him 30 he gave me my ten back. Don’t know why, but damn glad about it, was my thought.



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