Dumpster Bruises

After being lazy for about two weeks I’m finally back saving food from it’s cruel destiny once again. My fridge was getting quite empty and I didn’t like the idea of going to the supermarket buying stuff I could easily get for free, if I just had put some effort into it. So. Now I am! I intend to go as often I can, hopefully every other day, to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.

Yesterday I discovered a light bruise on my arm, most likely got it from leaning into the dumpster. Should probably eat more vegetables and fruit, meaning I need more food! Diving will make me stronger!

It’s insane how much milk they throw away every day, even when the expiration date is just the next day, of course they have to because those are the rules of the industry, but why don’t they just give it away to a soup kitchen or something? Would that also mean a health risk?

Surely, had I been a milk drinker I probably would have taken a few, but nowadays I can’t even look at milk without feeling a little sick inside. That’s what happens when you associate milk with diarrhea.



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