Cheap Dreams

My VISA is frozen, literally. I had this idea of not spending any money next month, starting tomorrow, but then I realized I’m going to Vienna in two weeks so it’s impossible to keep that. Besides, I can’t live on peppers and salad every day, can I? So that idea pretty much failed, but then I thought why not just limit my household expenses? Only allow myself to buy food and some other necessities, except… I’m already doing it! I’m not consuming anything else, except plane tickets of course. Getting to Vienna in one day by hitchhiking would be impossible, and I don’t have that much time for traveling because of school. Still, I’m not buying any material things such as clothes or a new TV. Although I am planning on getting new glasses soon. Hah, I’m so average, buying new ones every three years. By the way, earlier today I was looking at my old prescription from 2006, turns out my sight is worse than remembered. Right:-5,75, left: -6,50. Geez, I’m practically blind!



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