So far spent this month:

Three onions, soy milk and yofu: 38 kr
A writing pad: 17 kr
= 55 kr

Even payed for it in CASH, with money I actually got from selling a course literature book!

But after tomorrow it will be 350 kr, so my expenses will once again increase.
(I’m getting my eyes checked in order to get new glasses)

Last dive didn’t give much success. First of all, I got there pretty late so perhaps people had been there before me and taken all the good stuff already. Second of all, I forgot my flash light, so I couldn’t see what was at the bottom and so on. But most important was the fact there was cleaning liquid in the dumpster! A leaking one! So even if I did find some useful veggies there I couldn’t take them. However I did find something, a bag of Dumle in the bottom of the dumpster, and they were delicious!



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