No diving, I’m lazy

I just saw The Story of Stuff, which I missed at the Reykjavik Film Festival last year…

Consuming makes me feel sick. I can barely stand going to the supermarket these days, but I have to since you can’t get everything from the dumpster. Wish the supermarket’s would throw away some good old soy milk for me, but they don’t! And some avocados and olive oil would be great too!

Haven’t even been to the dumpster for like a week now, just being lazy I know. Now I’m even down to my last potato! Today I made mashed potatoes mixed with a sauce: mushrooms, carrots, tomato sauce, chickpeas, spices. Usually I’d add some soy milk to it, because it’s such a strong flavor, however the mash potatoes worked as well. Not much ingredients in my kitchen at the moment, but hey! I can still cook something.



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