Old shit = good shit!

Giving away old things you don’t want anymore instead of throwing them away feels really great. Just recently I gave away my old microwave oven. It was really heavy, bulky and mostly in the way. Plus my sister had given it to me a couple of years back, so I figured since I got it for free myself selling it wouldn’t be fair. Besides everyone buys those new fancy microwave oven nowadays. I thought I’d be lucky if I just found someone who would want it even though it was some 20 years old. Other than that I have donated my TV, VCR and sold my skates through grannarna.se. At the moment I’m giving away a mirror.

I wish people could stop throwing away things that still work, especially electronics, realise, there are people out there who would appreciate them. Even if they happen to be really old…

Ask around if someone you know wants it! Mention it in a forum you and other people frequently visit. Put out an add on one of the sites listed below… But don’t create more garbage!


Donate furniture, clothes, books etc. to Myrorna.



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