When life hands you lemons, you’re probably dumpster diving

Dagens gästbloggare:

One day after hitchhiking from Malmö to Stockholm I was using a guest computer in one of the fancy hotels and ended up reading trashwiki. I saw the email of a few local dumpster divers and thought I might try my luck and see if any of them first existed and second wanted to go dumpster diving. To my delight and surprise Dumpster Grrl emailed me back and said she was going dumpster diving. Finally my unfortunate trip to Stockholm would be turned around (unfortunate due to the fact that I had to come here to get a new passport as mine was stolen, but that’s for a different blog). I got a bike and strapped my 30 kilos of junk to the back and made my way to Dumpster Grrl’s house. A few wrong turns later and a close call with a crazy taxi I made it, and how glad I was that I did. Dumpster Grrl welcomed me wonderfully and was quick to offer some of her prior finds to me. After organizing and plotting our course on a map, we set off. Luck wasn’t on our side to begin with as I forgot the map, we ended following our noses to the smell of a fantastic dumpster filled with loads of fruits and veggies and about 10kg of flour. We also found  some scented candles which set a delightful mood for cleaning all the stuff we found. All in all we went to four different dumpster spots and were very happy with the results. Many delicous meals have been and will be made thanks to never ending waste of many grocery stores.

  The next day we went to the grovsoprum, a room filled with people junk, or so I was led to believe that is until we found a few nice t-shirts, a pair of jeans and a bucket load of pens and pencils. But wait that’s not all folks… as we were digging around in one of the poorly named ‘garbage’ bags when Dumpster Grrl found 720 crowns neatly folded in a paper clip! Whoever deemed that as junk is clearly above the two of us. Dumpster Grrl could barely tell me what she found just exlaiming ”Oh my god!” and flashing the cash. What a find, it certainly made our day. We still continued on our day as planned though even with the fact that we had more money than we knew what to do with. We joined a random gymnastics class in the park, collected an 85 crowns worth of cans and finally when we returned home we counted our money a couple more times, high-fived and went to fixing ourselves a dumpster divers dream dinner.

//Lucky Luke from Canada


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dumpstermorsan & Spanaren on 2011/08/01 at 14:39

    Grattis till det feta penningfyndet ! Men jag har hittat pengar så många gånger nu att jag inte är ett dugg förvånad.. Tips: kolla alltid fickor på byxor/jackor & småfack på väskor. Då & då blir det napp, en 20:a eller en hundring, nångång en börs med småpengar. / Dumpstermorsan


  2. Posted by Olivia on 2011/08/17 at 15:40

    Shit, vad koolt!! Bra jobbat! 🙂



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