Lucky Luke and the Chocolate Mountain

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Hello boys and girls, the one and only (well unless you know of another) Lucky Luke is back!  I know you have all been anxiously waiting for another blog post, it has been just about a year and finally the wait is over and the blogging has begun! So I guess a small backstory of what has happened over the last little while. I have continued my dumpster diving carreer all over europe… ok thats a very small backstory but to say the least I have continued my travels and continued to meet interesting people.

Now I am back in the land of Stockholm, I arrived here last week with, as you would probably expect, a backpack and a little twist as well a bike. No plans were made which of course is the norm for me so I wandered around the city seeing the new sites visiting a couple old friends and then I remembered Dumpster Grrl (not that I could ever forget) I had recieved an email earlier and believed she was out of the city but I decided to send her a quick note to say hi and to my astonishment she was already back. Arrangements were made and plans were put in place and I got to see my dumpster friend again the very next day! I didn’t know what to expect maybe she had changed, perhaps she wasn’t into dumpster diving and was into club hopping and bar jumping. To my joy this was not the case we met up and screamed, jumped and hugged you could have put the specatacle in any Sex and the City episode and it would have fit right in. We were right back into old times! So we dumpster dived the usual spots, made delicious dumpster meals and as you can see from the picture we got one hell of a lot of chocolate, over 30kg of mixed varieties.

I am so glad I managed to get to see her again it has been fabulous as always. Unfortunately my time here will soon come to an end but the endless heart problems from the chocolate will keep on reminding me of my time here. Goodbye for now and happy diving!

//Lucky Luke from Canada


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  1. Posted by Emelie on 2012/12/17 at 23:44

    Hej! Jag och min flickvän har dumpstrat ett tag men har hittills aldrig hittat godis. Du verkar ofta hitta det. Hittar du det vid matbutiker eller vid kiosker kanske?



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